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Scroll to March 22 session, Fenna’s talk begins around 00:46:20!

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resource: “Innovations to Primate Interneuron Repertoire” 

Query  interneuron gene expression in primates and rodents from single nucleus RNA-seq:

resource: “Dropviz” 

Query single cell gene expression in major brain structures in the mouse:

presentation: “Big Brain Science: Strategies for Mapping the Human Brain” 

Harvard Horizons | May 6th, 2013 | Sanders Theatre, Harvard University

I was in the inaugural class of the Society of Horizons Scholars, a fellowship cohort initiated by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

More information about the Horizons program HERE.

movies: Functional connectivity MRI of human cerebral cortex and cerebellum 

Interactive surfing of our human functional connectivity data has now been integrated into the NeuroSynth platform here (choose a coordinate, click Images tab).

Watch animations of our functional connectivity maps of the cerebral cortex on YouTube: